tukr to Include Bartending Work With Its Expansion In New York City

Wilmington, NC based tukr is expanding their listings to include bartending in the New York City Jobs market. The platform is known for its ability to simplify the journey from candidate to fresh hire, and they will now be contributing their resources to workers and employers in this industry.

To be successful, bartenders have to combine a variety of skills. They often form a core component of a food service establishment, and this tends to leave little room for error, especially if the establishment in question has a reputation to maintain. Further, along with the technical skills required to craft drink orders correctly, bartenders need strong interpersonal skills to work with customers and coordinate with other workers, and they may be expected to assist with certain administrative duties as well.


In short, bartenders are invaluable in a business with room for such a role, and this tends to be true regardless of their workplace. “Bartenders are essential components of any food service establishment,” tukr comments in a recent article. “Their primary responsibility is serving drinks to customers while creating an enjoyable experience for them, ordering and inventorying products as necessary, making recommendations to patrons about what items may interest them from the menu, taking orders quickly and accurately while explaining any unfamiliar ingredients or origins if applicable.”

Bartenders may have other responsibilities added to the expected lineup, such as having to check the IDs of customers in an establishment that serves alcohol. It is a good idea to make inquiries as to what exactly a job requires before making any commitments.

One reason bartenders are considered invaluable to a business is their ability to foster loyalty among customers. Many are more than willing to visit an establishment to purchase drinks and food, but this does not mean they will all come back. The key to creating a good connection that turns a one-time customer into a regular often lies in the bartender’s ability to maintain positive interactions with their patrons.

At the baseline, this can mean good service, such as orders produced quickly and accurately. However, customers also appreciate a personal touch, so being made to feel welcome can do much to keep them coming back. Making educated recommendations based on the patron’s tastes, maintaining casual conversation where possible and more can do much to bolster a person’s desire to return.

“Bartenders who excel at customer interaction will have an uncanny knack of building rapport and creating memorable experiences for patrons,” tukr points out in the article, “leading to repeat business and increased profits for themselves and the business as a whole. Furthermore, any successful bartender must possess relevant safety certifications because he or she will be handling valuable bottles of alcohol.”

Fortunately, there is no need for bartending prospects to enter the industry with little to no experience and teach themselves from the ground up. While it is possible to learn on the job, tukr strongly recommends that workers consider investing in themselves by going to bartending schools. Such educational environments can do a lot to move bartenders along their journey, from teaching basic drink mixing techniques to providing opportunities to gain hands-on experience prior to entering the job market.

The article adds, “Most bartending schools require their students to pass both written and practical examinations before graduating, the latter of which often covers topics like state and federal alcohol laws, safety procedures and responsible serving principles. The practical test typically entails mixing drinks while showing knowledge of products being used; some schools may even offer additional classes or tasting sessions to increase product knowledge and skill set development.”

Outside of a formal education stream, a bartender may be able to improve their skills at a rapid pace if they find a position where more experienced bartenders are willing to share their knowledge. There is no directory for jobs that provide this, so it is up to a candidate to make inquiries when they go job hunting. However, many do choose to invest in their staff since this directly benefits the business itself, so it may not be difficult to find an adequate position with enough effort.

tukr has many insights on the food and beverage industry in NYC, and their recent expansion means they will soon be able to connect applicants with rewarding bartending jobs in the region. To get started, anyone can visit tukr’s placement portal today and browse for positions within their reach.

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