tukr now includes server jobs in New York City on its online platform for job searching

tukr, which is based in Wilmington, NC, has recently expanded its online job search platform to include food serving jobs in the restaurant and food service industry in New York City. These include jobs for waiters, waitresses, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers, hosts or hostesses, and more. These include serving, bartending, or cocktail waiting roles that offer significant salary opportunities in the city. Individual restaurants and staffing agencies can also use tukr to offer placement.

A spokesperson for tukr says, “Restaurant servers take orders from customers, sell food and drinks, answer inquiries about menu items, communicate with kitchen staff to ensure delivery on time, take and enter payment, resolve complaints or problems quickly and ensure all guests leave having had a positive experience.”

Server jobs are also available for bars in New York City. It is important to note that serving bars is a great way to get one’s foot in the hospitality industry. These jobs are available in many restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, and events. These jobs usually require high customer service levels, including hard work. In addition to serving food and cocktails to customers, servers will also take orders and process the payments, after which they will also clean the bar and tables whenever necessary.

The spokesperson says, “Finding an open server position at a restaurant or bar is the ideal way to secure one if you don’t know where to begin looking for one. Local restaurants or online can often have openings. In order to stand out, make sure your resume outlines your experience and qualifications; include clear photographs when possible so employers remember you for interviews; dress professionally without wearing anything revealing; be prepared for possible interviews by being organized.”

Another potential job position is for barbacks or bartender’s assistants who will assist the bartender in preparing drinks and in doing other tasks. They will also ensure that the bartender has enough supplies, including napkins, ice, straws, and other items needed for the bar. Barbacks will also clean tables and check customers’ identification cards to ensure they comply with the age requirements to buy alcoholic beverages. They may also help with the opening and closing chores, such as arranging bottles and cleaning the area.

New York City has a vigorous nightlife, with many nightclubs offering a wide range of music, including hosting popular performers and DJs. The spokesperson adds, “A server job in New York City nightclubs provides many ways for people to secure employment as servers or bartenders, with some positions requiring experience while others don’t require any training whatsoever. Staffing agencies or directly applying to restaurants offer the most reliable routes into these jobs – this makes for ideal jobs for students who require flexible scheduling while hoping to make some extra cash.”

The nightlife economy of New York City supports around 299,000 jobs and has generated $23.1 billion. Most of these jobs involve food service, which accounts for 80 percent of the employment. From high-end nightclubs with live music venues and bottle service to vibrant dance halls, the city can offer something for every kind of customer.

In addition, catering is also available as a potential job for those who love to work with people and prefer a flexible schedule. Server jobs in catering are on a contract basis for different events offering food and beverage services. These events usually take place at private parties, high-end restaurants, and corporate events.

tukr is a food centric working brand with the primary goal of connecting industry talent with cafes, restaurants, and hospitality through job postings and a resume listing board. It provides a website was designed to make it easy for users to post and search for food service jobs nearby. It also allows for people to make applications and offers a messaging system to expedite employment.

tukr, pronounced “tucker”, Australian for food.

Those interested in looking for server jobs in New York City or those who want to fill server positions can visit the tukr website or contact them on the phone or through email.

[source] https://tukr.com/tukr-expands-online-job-search-platform-to-include-server-jobs-in-new-york-city/

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