Property Management Business Allows Tenants To Utilize Lockboxes

Wilmington Realty Property Management, based in North Carolina, would like to remind local residents that real estate lockboxes have been added to each property under their care. This will make it easier for tenants to schedule a viewing at any residence they are interested in and improve how expediently a property can be visited in person.

“Everyone who chooses to work with Wilmington Realty Property Management has universally come to expect a consistently excellent experience,” states Rebecca Hall of Wilmington Realty Property Management, “and the same is true for our tenants. Essentially, if you are interested in a property’s upkeep and care and you see our name tied to it, you can rest assured that you can enjoy convenience, respect and customer service at every point.”

Property Management

Real estate lockboxes benefit both landlord and tenant alike. Tenants who wish to examine the location in question for themselves are able to schedule showings online, receive a one-time code and then view the property based on their desired time. Since this process is handled digitally, landlords need not worry about having to keep track of everyone who expresses interest, and the built-in scheduling function allows individual parties to find a time slot that works for their needs. In turn, this negates the risk of conflicts and improves how many viewings can take place over the course of a day.

There are several additional reasons why tenants may want to move in if they are pleased with the residence in question. Along with having maintenance and other issues dealt with in a prompt manner, for instance, the fact that Wilmington Realty Property Management is looking after a property’s needs means a number of amenities will be made available to its tenants (and the landlord).

One example of this is the online payment portal provided by Wilmington Realty Property Management. According to the company, tenants have found the digital payment system both convenient and effective, especially since they can comfortably pay their dues from virtually any location (provided they have internet access). Given that all transactions are automatically logged as a result, this also means there will never be any confusion regarding payments.

Landlords enjoy similar benefits as a result of the same system. The company says full digital access and record-keeping allows authorized parties to view financial reports of rental income as well as track all expenses. Tenant activity, such as payments, is also available through this platform.

Those curious about the tenant experience at any Wilmington Realty Property Management can learn much simply by looking up testimonials from those who have already had the pleasure of working with the company. For instance, Chase O. says, “Rented a house from Wilmington Realty for nearly four years and had a great experience. Prompt responses to work orders. Their main maintenance guy, Henry, was always super nice, communicated his timelines clearly and made a point to let us know when he would be stopping by even if the work wasn’t inside the house. The entire leasing team in the office is very kind and makes you feel like they are there for the tenants, not just the homeowners.”

The review also highlights the fact that customer service is upheld throughout every interaction. It explains, “When we put in our notice to move out, Brook called me personally to thank us for our business and to wish us luck in our new place. Wilmington Realty is nothing like the major agencies that turn houses around in a week and run dozens of poorly kept properties, they care about their customers and make sure your experience is positive. If you’re looking to rent, buy or have them manage your property, give them a call!”

Wilmington Realty Property Management is a community-focused company that takes every opportunity to raise the bar for the property management industry. They look forward to hearing from tenants, landlords, investors and more who would like to benefit from working with a team with such priorities. More information regarding the company and their work can be found here: Rental homes, Wilmington, NC.

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