We try out Suzuki’s affordable 2022 GSX-S1000 naked bike.
We try out Suzuki’s affordable 2022 GSX-S1000 naked bike. (Joseph Agustin/)

Suzuki aims to lure its die-hard sportbike riding audience with its 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000. The GSX-S is a liter-class size naked sportbike based on Suzuki’s legendary sportbikes. Suzuki has been manufacturing this bike since the 2016 model year. Fast forward to today and this 2022 iteration is the second-generation GSX-S1000.

Starting with the powertrain, this GSX-S1000 continues to use Suzuki’s tried-and-true 999cc inline-four. This engine’s architecture is very similar to the long-stroke GSX-R1000 from the 2005, 2006 model years, though the actual components, the hard parts, cases, camshafts, and the like are all different.

Suzuki has made a number of nice durability enhancements focused on increased combustion efficiency in order to make this engine smoother and more entertaining to ride. What we really like about this 999cc four is the amount of torque it has on tap. Lug it low or rev it high, this engine always delivers a pleasing amount of acceleration force. This gets even better with the OE-fitted electronic quickshifter, which slices through the six-speed transmission without having to work the clutch. We love it.

The frame and swingarm are also based on Suzuki’s older-generation GSX-R1000, though these parts also benefit from subtle improvements. We rode at the racing circuit during a SoCal trackdays open session and were surprised at how adept it is on track.

Upright ergonomics make for a comfortable ride even while melting knee pucks. The suspension may be a little bit older in terms of architecture, but it just plain works. It handles bumps nicely and delivers good comfort on the street, but when you’re leaning on the suspension, the chassis feedback gives you the fun, exciting feeling that sport riding on a well-set-up bike delivers.

Triple-disc hydraulic brakes work well to keep this streetbike’s speed in check. While the GSX-S1000 doesn’t benefit from cornering ABS like some of its competitors, that doesn’t seem to limit how hard you can ride it in the real world.

Ergonomically, we appreciate the wider, taller handlebar, and that the seat has been lowered a tad. These help make the GSX-S1000 a good motorcycle for someone who’s seeking a powerful bike to ride both around town and in the canyons, something that’s simply well-rounded.

A large one-color digital display keeps tabs on vehicle metrics. We like its different appearance compared to other new motorcycles. The lack of full-color graphics is not really a deal breaker. What might be is just how much information Suzuki has wedged into the screen. It’s really hard to read the speedometer and tachometer, and the clock is far too small. There are a lot of decent features on this dash, but they’re very hard to read. Suzuki would do well to streamline its user experience.

After all, it has streamlined the rest of the bike. We weren’t fans of the aesthetics of the oddly shaped original GSX-S1000, but this motorcycle is much more sleek. We appreciate the flatter, angular body panels, and the stacked LED headlamp looks very nice as well as doing a better job of illuminating the road ahead than the halogen bulb setup on its predecessor. They could stand to be a little brighter, but we were happy at the switch to LEDs in the headlights and turn signals.

Overall the 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 is a hoot to ride, especially on your favorite backroad. It’s a great way to experience the liter-class torque and horsepower of Suzuki’s playful GSX-R-based engine, with its pleasing air induction and exhaust roar. We’re in love with the upright ergonomics package; it’s always good to be extra comfortable while carving corners.

Which brings us to price. Ringing in at $11,299, the GSX-S1000 represents a substantial value, especially for its class. Suzuki is known for giving its riders a lot of value, but in today’s world, $11,300 for a naked literbike is a steal. Considering that Yamaha’s liter-class naked bike is approaching $14,000 for 2022, there aren’t a lot of brand-new motorcycles under 12 grand that have the GSX-S1000′s big-bike capability.

If we were shopping for a new, liter-class bike, we wouldn’t hesitate to check out Suzuki’s GSX-S1000. Even though it doesn’t have some of the fancy features of other nakeds in this category, it just plain works; the engine makes good power, the suspension and chassis function seamlessly, the ergonomics are nice, the features are modern, and the bike has real character. If you’re looking for a fun 1,000cc naked bike that’s not going to break the bank, the 2022 GSX-S1000 is it

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By: Adam Waheed
Title: 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 Review
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