MLE XTM 200 street tracker by FNG Works
Flat trackers make for a compelling argument as practical, everyday street bikes. They’re lightweight with comfortable ergonomics, but don’t tower seven feet off the ground like dirt bikes. So it’s a mystery why more manufacturers don’t make factory-issue street trackers.

Someone else keen on the flat track style is Irwann Cheng, of the Malaysian custom bike outfit FNG Works. He’s just worked his magic on a customer’s bone stock MLE XTM 200; a Chinese-made supermotard sold in Malaysia.

MLE XTM 200 street tracker by FNG Works

The project was a well-timed one. With the world slowly shutting down a few years ago, Irwann was forced to take on motorcycle work that he didn’t particularly love. Sure, it paid the bills—but it was smothering his creative flame.

Luckily, a customer approached FNG Works for a flat track-style bike. It was just the right project to rekindle Irwan’s love for customization—especially since the customer gave him full creative control.

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By: Ben Pilatti
Title: Blurred Lines: Turning a humble 200 into a street tracker
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Published Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2022 17:01:09 +0000