Hercules W-2000 rotary engine restomod by Greg Hageman
The motorcycling world is replete with mechanical oddities that never really caught on. Think hub center steering, two-wheel drive, and even automatic transmissions. But top of the list has got to be the rotary engine. Despite its limited success in the mainstream car world, there are plenty of folks who have tried to make a Wankel-powered motorcycle.

Suzuki is probably the best known, with the RE5. But around the same time, the Dutch company Van Veen was also experimenting, and so was the German outfit Hercules—with its imposing W-2000.

Hercules W-2000 rotary engine restomod by Greg Hageman

This is the first time we’ve seen a custom Hercules, but it was built by a man who will be familiar to regular visitors of this site: Greg Hageman. Greg made his name with Virago customs, but these days, he can turn his hand to just about anything with two wheels.

That made him the perfect choice for client Alessandro Bonomi, who was intrigued by the idea of a first-of-its-kind rotary restomod.

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By: Chris Hunter
Title: Second time round: reviving a rotary engine motorcycle
Sourced From: www.bikeexif.com/rotary-engine-motorcycle
Published Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2022 17:01:11 +0000