Electric motorcycle conversion kit for BMWs
Switching classic cars to electric power is becoming almost commonplace. There are companies and kits that can electrify everything from old Land Rovers to Rolls-Royces. Ford is getting in on the game, offering the Mustang Mach E GT motor as a ‘crate’ engine. And if you have the cash to spare, Jaguar’s own restoration department will even drop an I-Pace motor into your vintage E-Type.

Motorcycles are a different proposition, though. There’s less space to hide an ugly battery, the tech is biased towards four-wheelers, and motorcyclists as a group are less accepting of electric power than the average car driver.

Electric motorcycle conversion kit for BMWs

That makes Luuc Muis something of an outlier, because he’s just developed and released a kit that turns BMW airheads into electric motorcycles. You may already have heard of Luuc: he’s a Dutch product designer, the founder of LM Creations, and most famous for his Indian Scout Bobber called Hasty Flaming Buffalo.

Taking an R-series frame as the base, Luuc has created a bolt-on electric drivetrain that replaces the existing engine—but keeps the gearbox and the rest of the driveline. And it looks rather amazing, too.

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By: Chris Hunter
Title: BMW R00: A conversion kit to turn your airhead electric
Sourced From: www.bikeexif.com/electric-motorcycle-conversion-kit
Published Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2022 17:01:04 +0000