Yamaha XT 600 scrambler by Freeride Motos Racing
The sheer diversity of Freeride Motos Racing’s stable makes it difficult to lump them into one silo. You’re just as likely to find a svelte supermoto in their workshop, as you are a 90-year-old Moto Guzzi. Shop boss Pierre Dhers is clearly onto a good thing—so it’s no wonder that he gets return customers.

One such customer is Dakar Rally driver and flat track racer Pierre Lachaume. The two Pierres met some time ago when Monsieur Lachaume wanted a custom bike. He wanted his 1989 Yamaha XT 600 modified at first, but, after some deliberation, Freeride built him a stunning KTM flat tracker instead.

Yamaha XT 600 scrambler by Freeride Motos Racing

Patience is a virtue that he clearly possesses. Once the KTM was done, he headed back to Freeride’s workshop to get the XT 600 sorted too.

“After having completed other projects together, the subject of the XT came back on the table,” explains Pierre Dhers. “We wanted a simple and refined scrambler, a perfect way to get to the corner bar for a drink.”

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By: Ben Pilatti
Title: Dolce far niente: A Yamaha XT 600 scrambler by Freeride
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Published Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2022 17:01:17 +0000