A water damage restoration service provider in North Houston, Texas, is proud to announce that they had received another five star review from one of their satisfied customers. The company that was established by Bryter offers water damage remediation services, including mold inspection and mold removal services. Ever since they have started offering their services, they have been receiving highly positive reviews from customers. In fact, their overall rating on Google is 5.0 out of 5 stars.

In the above-mentioned review, the Bryter water damage remediation company received another five star review. The customer, Carey H. said, “These people are amazing. They were honest about what we needed and didn’t try to add any fluff to get money out of us. They were very professional and kind. I’d use them if I could. Amazing group of people.”

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Bryter says, “We would like to thank Carey for his kind words and for taking the time to give us some feedback. We greatly appreciate getting feedback from our customers because it tells us if we are dong things properly or not. And, of course, positive feedback inspires the members of our team to continue to do their best when serving customers. We can assure our customers that we will always strive to provide the best kind of service.”

Bryter Water Damage Restoration of North Houston is ready to assist homeowners and other property owners with any kind of emergency problem. These emergency services include sewage cleaning, basement water extraction, repair of burst pipes, hardwood floor drying, toilet overflow repair, backups for drains, repair of a malfunctioning sump pump, repair of appliance malfunctions, and repair of roof and window leaks.

Water in the home can damage the property, even if the water is just found in the ceilings and drywall. Moisture in the ceiling boards and drywall is not good for these materials. Water causes wood to rot and weaken. If the water or moisture is not removed as soon as possible, it may cause irreversible damage and the drywall and ceiling boards may need to be replaced.

Meanwhile, they can also provide mold inspection and mold remediation services. Water in the wrong places in the home or building usually leads to a mold problem, especially when the flooding or water leak has not been remedied for a certain period of time. Mold is not just an inconvenience, causing stains on walls, floors, ceilings, and other parts of the home. Mold can also be a health issue because they release spores into the air and these tiny dust-like things that tend to float in the air may be inhaled and people with asthma and other allergies may experience health problems.

The team of professionals from Bryter Water Damage Restoration of North Houston will carefully inspect the home or property to find out if there are any possible traces of mold. They will then clean up the affected space and make sure that indoor air is no longer contaminated with mold spores.

Bryter Water Damage Restoration came into existence after their team of professionals has been offering water damage remediation services for several years in different counties in North Carolina, such as Horry County, Carteret County, Onslow County, Pender County, Brunswick County and in a number of cities including Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, and Carolina Beach, Moorehead. Whatever the cause of the water damage to the home or property, their mission is to help families get back their homes and other personal belongings to their condition before water caused so much destruction. The service they provide is also designed to prevent further damage due to water weakening the structural elements of the home and uncontrolled mold growth that may cause health problems. Later on, the company extended its services to other cities, such as North Houston, Texas.

When in need of water damage restoration in Houston, people can check out the Bryter Water Damage Restoration of North Houston website or contact them on the telephone or through email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.