A HEALING HAND: A 50 Facts & Favorite Memories Feature


The arena erupted as the hammer came down on a $1 million winning bid on Janie and Steve Davis’ Super Snake to benefit Las Vegas first responders at the 2017 event, which occurred not long after the tragic shooting in the city.


It was a somber moment as a military color guard led the Super Snake onto the stage for a very important sale.

To mark Barrett-Jackson’s half-century in business, in this special series we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite moments from the past 50 years – as well as some little-known facts about The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions.


“Helping thousands, but inspiring millions.” Those are the words of Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO Craig Jackson, and those very words continue to guide the ethos and principles behind The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions. The legacy of Barrett-Jackson has long been rooted in giving back to the community through charitable contributions from those in the collector car community. One of those people is Barrett-Jackson President Steve Davis.

Jubilant first responders onstage react to the $1 million sale in Las Vegas.

In the wake of one of the most horrific tragedies to impact the city of Las Vegas and the greater United States as a whole, 2017 shooting at Mandalay Bay, Davis and his wife Janie discussed what could be done and decided to donate their personal 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake to be auctioned at the 2017 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction, with 100 percent of the sale price going to the city’s first responders through the Injured Police Officers Fund (IPOF).

“I’d like to think that donating something that was very close to my heart helped spur the healing process,” said Davis, who was once a police officer himself. “We helped turn the corner. We’ll never forget the horrific tragedy that took place, but we will stand strong with the community of Las Vegas, which we feel we’re a part of, and help build a future that makes us stronger going forward.”

Steve Davis and Craig Jackson with some of the Las Vegas first responders after the sale of the Super Snake.

In the 50 years since Barrett-Jackson was founded, the sale of the Davises’ Super Snake is undoubtedly one of the biggest, most emotional and most important moments in the auction house’s storied history. First responders and members of the honor guard joined the powerful Shelby on the block. And when the hammer fell, $1 million dollars had been donated. There was not a dry eye in the auction arena.

“Every time you look at that car, you can think of the people this car helped and think of the positive energy created in the room when that car sold,” Davis said.

The sale of the Davises’ Super Snake marked an important milestone in the history of Barrett-Jackson. It showed that out of the darkest of tragedies there is still good that comes from people when they stand together.

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