Bryter Restoration of Wilmington, a leader in water damage mitigation & mold remediation in Wilmington and other cities and counties in the area, stresses the need to be always ready and prepared in order to minimize the damage caused by storms. Historically, after September 10th, the Carolinas had experienced the worst hurricanes. The water damage restoration company serves various counties in the area, including Brunswick County, Pender County, Onslow County, Carteret County, Horry County, and New Hanover County NC. Residents in these areas should check their homes and to be always ready because more than 60 percent of all hurricanes that visit the areas occurred in September and October.

One of the well-known hurricanes that passed through the Carolinas was Hurricane Diana, which made landfall on September 13, 1984, around Wilmington, NC with sustained winds of 100 mph. This particular hurricane followed an interesting path, making a loop such that it passed through North Carolina twice, further aggravating the damages and the flooding.

storm damage cleanup

Hurricane Florence also made landfall in Wilmington as a Category 1 hurricane on September 14, 2018 but peaked to a Category 4 hurricane and caused record flooding up to the Charlotte area. On September 16, 1999, Hurricane Floyd made landfall along the Carolina Coast with winds reaching 110 mph. It dumped more than 20 inches of rain, which was the highest in the area at that time until Hurricane Florence surpassed it.

The strongest hurricane to make landfall in the Carolinas was Hurricane Hugo on September 22, 1989. It had peak winds of 135 to 140 mph and it was particularly devastating because it caused a 20 foot tide along the Coast and the winds spread across much of the Carolinas, including the Charlotte area.

Weather experts have predicted that three to five Category 3,4 or 5 hurricanes will hit the Wilmington area in 2021. Homeowners and other property owners would want to check the trees in their yards, looking for dead or weak tree branches and removing them because these could easily break and possibly hit people and properties.

People also need to secure windows, doors, and other vulnerable parts of the home to minimize the possibility of their getting damaged. They can cover these parts with pre-cut plywood or hurricane shutters as a way to protect them from flying debris and the strong winds. And it is important to note that any loose items in the yard or outside the home can carried by the wind and could cause damage to property and injury to people. If they can’t be brought inside the home, they should be tied down securely.

There is also a high risk of flooding due to the rains brought by the storm or the strong winds may damage plumbing. It is a good idea to ensure that the gutters are clean and free from any debris so that the rainwater will drain off the roof properly. If not, pools of water could develop on the roof and possibly cause damage to the roof. Overflowing gutters because they are clogged may cause the rainwater to go to unexpected areas, possibly causing damage to structural elements, thus weakening the home.

If there is flooding and water damage, homeowners and other property owners can rely on Bryter Restoration for emergency water mitigation and restoration. The professionals from the company have many years of experience in doing such kind of work and they will start by getting rid of any standing water inside the home to minimize damage to the structural elements.

Bryter Restoration was founded after having provided many years of water damage restoration work in various counties, including Onslow County, Carteret County, Pender County, Horry County, and Brunswick County NC and the main cities of Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Moorehead City, Wrightsville Beach, and Carolina Beach, following storms and hurricanes. They are ready to provide water damage restoration services to ensure that the damage to homes and other buildings don’t cause further damage, especially to the structural elements.

Homeowners and other property owners who would like to know more about the restoration services provided by Bryter Restoration of Wilmington can check out their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.