ROCKET SCIENCE: This 800hp Camaro Has Been Clocked At 200 mph

Written by independent automotive journalist Roger C. Johnson


This stunning Camaro nicknamed “598” will be at Barrett-Jackson’s inaugural 2021 Houston Auction selling at No Reserve


Building a 200-mile-an-hour road-rocket requires the insights of a guru, the talent of an artist and the passion of a car nut. Combine these virtues with some of the best component parts in the world and you have the means to achieve the unthinkable. This 1971 Camaro nicknamed “598” selling with No Reserve at the upcoming Houston Auction takes the Resto-Mod concept to the stratosphere. Propulsion comes from an all-aluminum 598ci big-block Chevrolet engine utilizing aftermarket fuel injection with a dyno-proven, user-friendly 800 horsepower. Tack on to that the nitrous oxide system, and the math gets mind-blowing.

This vehicle offers six stages of boost by means of a TREMEC 6-speed manual transmission that will take you from launch to the stars with equal aplomb. A Detroit Speed QUADRALink rear suspension utilizes a Ford based 9-inch differential with posi-traction for the perfect dispersion of power to both rear wheels under the most dramatic conditions. Detroit Speed also provided the sophisticated front suspension package to maximize the pilot’s control over this craft at any velocity.

When reentering the earth’s atmosphere Baer 6-piston calipers with a Hydroboost power brake system burn off the frictional heat from intense forward motion with the efficiency of Godzilla blowing out a candle. A custom aluminum gas tank contains the on-board fuel supply without interruption. The nitrous tank hides in the trunk and will make its presence known at the snap of your fingers.

The spent exhaust gases of this monster motor exit through a hand-crafted system that was as thoroughly conceived and designed as every other single component on this creation.

The builders of this 1971 Camaro didn’t forget the convenience of the pilot or copilot. The control room is enhanced with a 2010 Camaro dashboard arrangement, giving the ’71 an instant kick into the future. A row of custom gauges reporting on all major functions was installed to share data with the driver at a glance in case he or she is otherwise busy. This totally custom Camaro also offers power steering, power windows and air conditioning.

Black Italian leather seats with blue accents offer an interior that is both functional, stylish and comfortable for a lucky driver and up to three passengers travelling at top speed. The Camaro’s one-of-a-kind console houses a built-in laser jammer and radar detector (as if radar could react as fast as this Camaro can). Interior LED lighting all adds to the rocketship ambience. Its Mega Blue metallic exterior paint makes this Camaro’s entrance or departure completely unforgettable.

For earth-bound applications, old “598” takes advantage of 24-inch Asanti wheels on the power end and 22-inchers up front.

This one-of-one Camaro required 4,000 hours to complete. If you’re counting, that’s like working on it 24 hours a day for 166 days in a row, with no coffee breaks. Utilizing a frame jig as ground zero, all new structural sheet metal and body panels were incorporated into this build, in effect creating a brand-new Camaro.

To accommodate a full-tilt tire and wheel package the rear quarters were hand-formed and widened 5.5 inches over the stock dimensions. Naturally, the doors were also recontoured to precisely match its aggressive new shape, which also includes stretched front fenders. They too, were widened 3 inches in the process.

Rocket-like cruising is best accomplished with a smooth fuselage, so its flush-mounted windshield, backlight and side glass are all parts of the solution. Same for the fuel filler door and the shaved door handles. A custom front air dam and tastefully designed rear spoiler add visual appeal and function to the finished product.

If you have space in your life for a rocket ride for four, remember the number “598” when bidding in Houston.

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Title: ROCKET SCIENCE: This 800hp Camaro Has Been Clocked At 200 mph
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