50 YEARS OF SHELBY HISTORY WITH ONE CLICK: Little Red and Green Hornet Documentaries Available Online Now



It’s the dream of every collector car hobbyist to own a piece of history, but some go a step further – some are able to make history. Barrett-Jackson, in partnership with Shell/Pennzoil, is pleased to present to feature-length documentaries about Craig Jackson and his team’s epic search, recovery and restoration of the fabled lost 1967 Ford Shelby EXP 500 prototype dubbed “Little Red” and painstaking restoration of the experimental 1968 Shelby EXP 500 known as the “Green Hornet.”

Little Red was assumed lost for over 50 years, another prototype destined for the crusher and found on a dare. Jason Billups, founder of Billups Classic Cars and Auto Body, believed the legendary Shelby prototype Little Red could be found and Jackson dared him to find it. He did: the legendary car was discovered sitting in a Texas field. Witness the incredible story of Barrett-Jackson CEO and Chairman Craig Jackson’s personal quest to find and restore the Holy Grail of missing cars and rewriting Shelby history along the way.

Standing on the leading edge of automotive technology in 1968, the Green Hornet bears the unique provenance of being a double prototype for both Ford and Shelby Automotive. The Hornet represents a rolling history of what was happening within Ford and Shelby American in the heyday of the American muscle car. This is the car to which all modern Mustangs and Shelbys owe their performance DNA, and this film showcases the extraordinary measures used gone to restore those advances in performance.

The two documentaries – “The Hunt for Little Red” and “The Legend of the Green Hornet” – tell stories of perseverance, discovery and passion. Best of all, they’re both available online now, via Barrett-Jackson’s popular YouTube channel and the Barrett-Jackson Video Vault. Simply pay a visit to the Barrett-Jackson YouTube channel and click the playlist option to watch the feature-length documentaries, as well as some bonus content. That same playlist is available on the Barrett-Jackson website in the lower right corner. There, you can find even more videos, as well as all the action from current and previous auctions.

With a few quick clicks, a dive into Shelby Automotive history is at your beck and call.

Check out the trailers for the two documentaries below:


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By: Barrett-Jackson
Title: 50 YEARS OF SHELBY HISTORY WITH ONE CLICK: Little Red and Green Hornet Documentaries Available Online Now
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