THE TIME IS NOW: Classic SUV Values Continue to Wow at Barrett-Jackson

Written by Eric Becker


This custom 1972 Ford Bronco sold for $225,500 at the 2021 Scottsdale Auction.


Blazin’ hot: This custom 1971 K5 Blazer broke an auction record when it sold for $275,000 at the Scottsdale event in March.

If there was any question, we’ve entered an era where the Sport Utility Vehicle is dominant. The indictors have been ever-present, as the demand for the SUV – as well as its diminutive cousin, the crossover – continues its global ascent, and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon. Stateside, 50 percent of all new vehicle registrations for 2020 belonged to the SUV and crossover class, completely outdistancing the sale of more contemporary sedans and other model configurations. But the thriving trend for sport utilities has leant itself to more than just new vehicles; demand for the classic go-anywhere off roaders is at an all-time high.

“We’re continually asked about ‘the next big thing’ in the collector car hobby,” said Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson. “The strong and sustained demand has fully established trucks and SUVs as one of those major trends. From classic to late-model, custom and imports, classic SUVs are incredibly popular among collectors today – not only for their timeless allure, but for their utilitarian purpose. They’ve evolved into the epitome of cool.”

Record-breaker: This custom 1970 International Travelall went to its new home for $102,300 at the Scottsdale Auction.

Cool indeed. At the 2021 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction more than a dozen records were set for these crowd-pleasers, and the numbers speak for themselves. Take the venerable first-generation (1966-77) Ford Bronco, for example. Among the classic Broncos crossing the block this past March, the average price (with buyer’s fee included) was $120,000 – an impressive figure made all the more telling when compared to the $33,000 average price at the 2015 Scottsdale Auction. In just six years the average sale price for Ford’s premier off-roader soared an incredible 267 percent. Eight that crossed the block in Scottsdale sold for over $100,000, with the top two, a custom ‘66 Bronco (Lot #1436) and Lot #1299, another custom – this time from 1972 – knocking on the door of a quarter-million dollars.

While the Ford Bronco remains the most popular classic SUV out there, others are in hot pursuit. The Bronco’s chief rival – the Chevrolet Blazer – is quickly closing the gap. At Barrett-Jackson’s 2018 Scottsdale Auction the average sale price for the K5 Blazer was $38,000. Fast-forward to the 2021 Scottsdale event and the average sale price jumped 159 percent to $98,000. Simply put, SUVs

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Title: THE TIME IS NOW: Classic SUV Values Continue to Wow at Barrett-Jackson
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