START TO FINISH: Barrett-Jackson Builds and Fender Guitars Opus At The Scottsdale Auction
The big moment: The Barrett-Jackson Builds and Fender Guitars Mustang and matching Fender Stratocaster guitar (held by Fender Master Builder Ron Thorn) hits the auction block!


Sold! All the hours invested have resulted in this – a piece of kinetic artwork, the definitive hard-rocking Resto-Mod duo: a 1969 Ford Mustang and 1969 Fender​ Stratocaster. What began as a milestone to mark both Fender’s 75th and Barrett-Jackson’s 50th anniversaries morphed into a historic moment for two companies. “There’s no better way to honor the heritage of both companies than by pouring craftsmanship and talent into a custom Ford Mustang with matching guitar and amplifier. It’s the ultimate anniversary gift,” said Justin Norvell, EVP, Fender Products.

Selling with No Reserve, the Fender Mustang hammered for $148,500, becoming the first – but certainly not the last – Barrett-Jackson Builds vehicle to be sold at auction. Built entirely in-house, the Barrett-Jackson Builds team worked tirelessly to create a one-of-a-kind Mustang ready to rock the moment the key is turned.

One very happy winning bidder (center) poses with the Fender Mustang after the sale with (from left) Fender’s Ron Thorn, Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson, and Barrett-Jackson Builds team members Tony Cano and Jason Aker.

From start to finish, every stage of the project was captured and featured in a 10-episode series that can be viewed on the Barrett-Jackson YouTube channel. The series highlights the many ins and outs that go into building a custom car. Viewers can also get a firsthand look at the impeccable craftsmanship that Fender Custom Shop Director and Principal Master Builder Ron Thorn put into the built-from-scratch ’69 Stratocaster. The series wraps with the long-awaited trip across the block at the 2021 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction.

“We are truly proud to share this project and grateful to Fender and all the sponsors that participated in executing this project. Fender Guitars and hot-rod culture are a part of the American fabric, and this project presented itself as a wonderful opportunity to pay homage to that history and showcase the skill inherent at the Fender Custom Shop and the Barrett-Jackson Builds team,” said Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO Craig Jackson.

This harmonious collaboration shows one thing for certain: The lucky winning bidder will be turning heads with this duo for years to come.

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Title: START TO FINISH: Barrett-Jackson Builds and Fender Guitars Opus At The Scottsdale Auction
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