THE BARRETT-JACKSON CUP: A triumphant return to competition at the 2021 Scottsdale Auction


Cup contenders on display before they were narrowed down to the Top 5.

For decades, trophies like the Ridler, America’s Most Beautiful Roadster and Goodguys Street Machine/Hot Rod of the Year have pushed builders and talented individuals to work day and night in order to shape, weld, paint, test and showcase their best efforts. In turn, the prestige of winning these awards drives the success of the custom car industry. Enthusiasts line up to commission winning shops for their one-of-a-kind builds. The Barrett-Jackson Cup was introduced in 2013 to raise the bar on prestige in the automotive specialty universe even higher.

Previous winners of the Barrett-Jackson Cup’s “Ultimate Best of Show” award pushed boundaries, adding a new definition as to what was possible. For this competition, there is no rule against asking, “Why not?”

The entrants paraded across the Barrett-Jackson stage at WestWorld of Scottsdale in March.

For the past few years, the Cup had been on hiatus, waiting for just the right moment to reappear. As it would happen, the 2021 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction in March proved to be the perfect setting for the Cup to make its triumphant return. With tremendous support from presenting sponsor eBay Motors, automotive builders and craftsmen from around the world were welcomed to share in the unique competition.

“We wanted to give builders the chance to show off the amazing customs they planned to unveil at automotive events that were canceled because of the pandemic,” said Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson. “Bringing back the Barrett-Jackson Cup was the perfect way to help recognize the hard work, talent and time that countless master craftsmen have poured into creating some of the world’s finest pieces of automotive art.”

Barrett-Jackson President Steve Davis (left) and CEO Craig Jackson took a close look at all the Cup contenders before the field was narrowed to the Top 5.

Each of the nearly 50 participants – both builders and owners – vied for the honor of taking home the title of “Ultimate Best in Show.” With all the vehicles on display in the auction arena during the first three days of the 2021 Scottsdale event, the time soon came for the entrants to parade across the stage. The fierce competition saw some truly spectacular machines from all spectrums of the automotive hobby, including an incredibly reimagined 1938 GMC school bus, a V12-powered 1936 Packard Speedster and a carbon-fiber-bodied Gunther Werks 993 400R.

Jackson, along with Barrett-Jackson President Steve Davis and representatives from Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge, shared the challenging task of narrowing the field of

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