TOUR DE FORCE: This Liquid Red 2019 Ford GT is a masterpiece of speed and style

Written by independent automotive journalist David Neyens


This stunning Liquid Red 2019 Ford GT will be crossing the auction block with No Reserve in Las Vegas.


Appropriately introduced in Detroit at the January 2015 North American Auto Show, the latest Ford GT was a shock to the senses of most onlookers in many respects. Developed by Ford Motor Company engineers in parallel with Multimatic, the road-going Ford GT is essentially a thinly disguised FIA LM GTE-class racing car, albeit one with startling luxury, comfort and provision for a license plate. In fact, in terms of development priorities, the GT was designed first for competition and civilized – barely – for the street. The road-legal GT made its European debut in late 2017 at Frankfurt, with competition cars having already won class at Le Mans in 2016, the site of Ford’s stunning triumph there 50 years before.

A stunning tour de force of design and engineering prowess, the GT bristles with modern high-tech materials, cutting-edge construction techniques and built-in aerodynamic features throughout. Manufacture of the road models is carried out by Multimatic at its new, purpose-built low-volume production facility in Markham, Ontario, near Toronto in Canada. There, the first Ford GT road car was completed on December 16, 2016, an occasion rightly celebrated with top Ford Motor Company brass in attendance.

Based on a track-worthy carbon-fiber monocoque and lightweight aluminum structures at its core, the GT is surprisingly compact with bodywork designed for minimal frontal area, low aerodynamic drag, and maximum downforce at speed. Standing just 43.7 inches tall, it becomes two inches lower when Track Mode is selected. Suspension is via competition-style pushrod-actuated dampers, and sections of an FIA-legal roll cage are neatly integrated into the GT’s roof structure. Exuding a teardrop shape when viewed from above, the GT’s main bodywork tapers sharply to the rear and built-in features deliver astounding downforce at speed. Flying buttresses aft of the passenger compartment direct cool air into the engine intakes and pontoon-style rear fenders are in the mold of current track-only Le Mans prototypes.

Drawing from actual Ford production-car technology, the GT is powered by a mid-mounted 3.5-liter, twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine developing 647 horsepower – 183 horses per liter and 550 ft/lbs of torque. Harnessed by a Getrag 7-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission/rear transaxle, the GT explodes from rest to 60 mph under 3.0 seconds, up to a stunning 216-mph terminal velocity. Hydraulic steering gear provides precise directional control, extremely lightweight

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Title: TOUR DE FORCE: This Liquid Red 2019 Ford GT is a masterpiece of speed and style
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