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Horacio Pagani left Lamborghini in 1993, after serving as chief engineer for nearly two decades. His goal was to build a supercar without being limited by committee decisions or budgetary constraints. As such, each Pagani is built to order. As the automotive equivalent of a Faberge egg, each car is an expression of the owner. While carbon fiber is fine for mass-production, Pagani builds each car from Carbotanium. By infusing each strand of carbon with titanium, the Pagani Huayra is stronger by an order of magnitude. Along with two other notable exotics, this car will be auctioned on December 10th, in Tampa, Florida. Click here for details of the event.

The bold exterior is as functional as it is captivating. A spine running the length of the body is bookmatched with the precision of a Stradivarius, and it separates left from right throughout the cockpit and even into the belly pans. Opening the hood along with the deck lid allows the Huayra to bloom, and removing the top changes the car’s demeanor to match your mood. You will see the elegance of inboard suspension along with perfect symmetry in even the smallest components. Not only is the 2-tone motif rare on any Pagani, but it is also separated by the colors of the Italian flag. To set it apart from all subsequent Roadsters, this car was built in a matte finish and it includes matching luggage. This Italian leather ensemble fits into dedicated cargo compartments hidden throughout the car.

Inside, every surface is machined or cut from only the world’s best materials. At your command is a twin-turbo V12, built by hand at AMG. It offers 791 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque to a dual-clutch transmission. The story of how this car landed in Tampa Bay is worthy of the Big Screen, so here is an opportunity to own the most coveted car in modern history. Not only does it offer every Pagani accessory, but it is also the actual show car from the Geneva auto show. Worthy to be shown at the world’s greatest automotive events, it also stands on its own as a work of contemporary art. This car was purchased as an investment, and it has been the focus of collector car conversations since it was unveiled. With under 900 miles, it has been stored in a climate-controlled collection awaiting your inquiry. Click the button for all the details.

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By: Andrew Nabors
Title: First Production Pagani Huayra Roadster Show Car Can Be Yours
Sourced From: blog.dupontregistry.com/pagani/huayra/first-production-pagani-huayra-roadster-show-car-can-be-yours/
Published Date: Tue, 08 Dec 2020 16:26:02 +0000