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20C0719 002

Forty years ago the Cold War was the hot topic. West Germany needed a 4×4 capable of stopping the Iron Curtain, so that is why the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is celebrating 400,000 wagens & counting. The G-Wagon is the anglicized acronym for the Geländewagen. In German, this means cross-country or ‘overland wagon’. It was Mercedes-Benz’s answer to thwart a western invasion across the Fulda Gap.

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With that doomsday scenario in-mind, designers offered a rugged body-on-frame that could be pressed into frontline service while also transporting troops and their gear. Of course, it was adopted by many NATO countries to fill thousands of roles, and it has also become the most popular SUV in countries around the world. If Germany had a Jeep, this would be it, as families cherish them as heirlooms and rites of succession. If you are reading this, you know we are the world’s best resource for buying and selling G-Wagens of every vintage, so click the button below to find one for yourself.

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By: Andrew Nabors
Title: Mercedes-Benz G-Class Celebrates 400,000 Wagens & Counting
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