LUFT V2 8277 1200x

LUFT V2 8277 1200x

Porsche will always continue to stay current by increasing performance and technology in the development of each new vehicle while staying humble about past milestone creations. Lüftgekuhlt embraces this mentality, celebrating the early years of Porsche excellence through its iconic event displaying the best examples. The company announced the release of its Luft Book Volume 2, an encyclopedia of illustrations that help Porsche enthusiasts of all kinds re-live the memories of early vintage Porsche vehicles. The book was created by some of the biggest names in the Porsche world, including an intro piece by Porsche Factory driver Patrick Long. The Lüftgekuhlt Luft Book V2 is the perfect way to take a look back on Porsche history while looking forward to future releases.

When: Now Available (Shipping Out December 7th)

Where: Lüftgekuhlt

Price: $140

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