Porsche Design has just unveiled two new pairs of sunglasses that bleed sports car DNA. The first up is the P’8685 Hexagon Gold Limited Edition sunglasses (seen up above). The eight hexagonal screws and solid titanium in the front of these sunglasses were used as a way to interpret the design of an engine block into the design. If these look familiar, that’s because the P’8685 sunglasses aren’t new, but the gold design is. If you dig the look of the gold on the P’8685’s design, act quick because only 500 pairs will be created, each with a suggested price of $1,150.

The other pair unveiled by Porsche Design were the P’8928 aviators (seen below). These were created as a reinterpretation of the classic P’8478 sunglasses. The P’8478, the new P’8928 aviators also come with an interchangeable lens mechanism. Each pair will come with an additional set of color lenses and new colors can be purchased when they’re unveiled each season. The Porsche Design P’8928 aviators come with a suggested starting price of $550.

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Porsche Design Eyewear P8928d front
Porsche Design P’8928 (PRNewsfoto/Porsche Design)

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By: Edward Jones
Title: Porsche Design Unveils Two New Stylish Sunglasses
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Published Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2020 15:21:23 +0000