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Last week they did it with a sedan, and today we are happy to announce that the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series has set a new Nürburgring lap record. In case you missed it, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S sedan used AWD and massive power to cross the finish line in 7:23.009. What we didn’t know is that testing for this achievement involved a proper shakedown of the Black Series coupe.

2021 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Sets New Sedan Record At Nürburgring

GT3 Phenom Maro Engel was behind the wheel of the AMG GT to offer insights to his teammates. During the lead-up, he was able to help them find an optimal line while also perfecting the camber, corner weight, and suspension settings in his car. The old German track demands the hardest sway bar settings while keeping AMG traction control between notch 6 and 7, its most intrusive safety system.

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Michelin offers two rubber compounds exclusively for this car, and he chose the softer one as the track warmed up. Far from the media and prying eyes, he aimed for the

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By: Andrew Nabors
Title: 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Sets New Nürburgring Record
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Published Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 14:08:36 +0000