MBandF FrogX watch 1

MBandF FrogX watch 1

It was ten years ago that MB&F introduced the HM3 Frog into the world. With two big “eyes” and a cheeky “smile,” the design of this watch is unmistakable. Now, ten year later, this design returns in the form of the new HM3 Frog X. This new watch takes the unique design of the Frog watch but adds in a new variable: transparency. Similar to the glass frogs of the Central American cloud forest, this new watch allows you to see inside. For the first time, we can see the incredible engine of the watch which was designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht / Agenhor thanks to a sapphire case. This engine powers the two large “eyes” that display the hour and minutes. From a certain point-of-view, you can see how these eyes and the “mouth” of the case create a frog’s smiling expression. MB&F is planning to create three different versions of the HM3 FrogX 10th-anniversary limited edition, each of them with a different color rotor and Super-LumiNova and case gaskets: blue, purple and turquoise. Each of these colors will be limited to ten examples each. For more information, be sure to click the button below.


MBandF FrogX watch 6

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By: Edward Jones
Title: MB&F Reveals Their New HM3 Frog X Watch
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Published Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2020 15:26:14 +0000