In honor of Hydro Tec’s 25th anniversary, they have released the new 65m Vanguard yacht concept. The firm notes that this concept ” fully represents the spirit of the studio, always pushing for innovation , both in the field of technology and in that of design, with an adventurous and pioneering spirit, but firmly anchored to a solid technical base, deeply integrated into the great Italian shipbuilding tradition.”

The name Vanguard actually comes from a British tradition where a warship always has the name. What’s more, the word “vanguard” means either the first part of a naval force or the forefront of an action or movement. With this yacht, Hydro Tec not only wants to lead the pack but also bring in new ideas and movements to the yachting world.

Hydro Tec’s design for the Vanguard is quite intriguing. With a displacement platform, they were able to create a bridge that seems “below deck” but above the full load waterline. This allows the vessel to have mobile terraces for the guest cabins above the waterline. With this layout, the lowerdeck becomes a completely accessible deck from the bathing platform at the stern to the bulkhead. Also found towards the stern is a large swimming pool that’s completely covered but can be opened up towards the stern.

The Vanguard is a very unique boat, so we’re excited to see more of what’s to come of it.

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By: Edward Jones
Title: Hydro Tec’s 65m Vanguard Yacht Concept Revealed With Brilliant Design
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Published Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2020 16:32:13 +0000