A new Bentley Jewelry collection has been launched that includes brilliant gemstones meant to mirror the exterior paint colors of Bentley automobiles. Within the collection are precious gemstones that have been selected, cut and polished at the Heinz Mayer factory, Bentley’s jewelry partner. Gemstones like tanzanite, the Padparadscha sapphire and Mandarin garnet can be found embedded in rings, earrings and pendants in White Gold, Pink Gold, Yellow Gold or Platinum. The collection also offers a variety in sizes. If you look down below in the gallery, you can see just how many different gemstones are included in this collection, allowing customers to pick just about any color they want. And if you happen to own a Bentley, you may be able to find a gemstone that matches your ride. For more information on this illustrious collection, click here to visit Bentley-Jewellery.com.

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By: Edward Jones
Title: New Bentley Jewelry Collection Features Brilliant Array of Gemstones
Sourced From: blog.dupontregistry.com/the-lifestyle/gear/new-bentley-jewelry-collection-features-brilliant-array-of-gemstones/
Published Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 14:58:18 +0000