ONEflight further extends their reach with luxury partners outside of travel. Already accessing 4,000 private aircraft in the US and 12,000 globally through their proprietary booking engine, The BAJ @, ONEflight has recently expanded their network. Now including a luxury yachting charter with over 1,800 yachts, exclusive member offerings for secluded villas and private islands, as well bespoke tailors, motorsports, celebrity endorsements, and several new PGA Tour sponsorships, ONEflight has now aligned themselves with best that the wine world has to offer.  ONEflight has partnered with Mondavi Family Estates of Napa California, recently named the #5 vineyard in the world and the very best vineyard in North America.  Founders and owners Michael Mondavi and his family are a fourth-generation wine-making family in Napa Valley, producing a portfolio of small-lot wines from their Estate vineyards.  The family’s vineyards are farmed sustainably with an ongoing commitment to maintain the health of the Napa Valley ecosystem for future generations.  From inception, Robert Mondavi Winery has demonstrated a deep commitment to the environment and the local Napa Valley community.  The Mondavi’s were the first to formally adopt a natural farming approach to the cultivation of their estate vineyards, which extend beyond the rules and strictures of organic farming and considers overall wine quality and the impact to the greater environment.

Michael Mondavi

ONEflight members can now receive full Spotlight Room privileges for weekly virtual tastings, VIP invitations to exclusive wine tastings, special dinners, pairings, and events across the country as well as first-access to new wine releases prior to public availability. Michael Mondavi and his family have graciously offered

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By: Edward Jones
Title: ONEflight International’s Newest Luxury Partner, Michael Mondavi Family Estate Wines
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Published Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020 16:25:32 +0000