Bugatti has just announced a new partnership Buben&Zorweg, a company that creates incredible watch safes and winders. This new partnership has resulted in the creation of three different pieces, all of which celebrate the Bugatti Chiron Super Sports 300+. First up are the Grand Illusion and Illusion watch safes. The Grande Illusion model is the much taller and more pronounced version. To open the safe, there’s a biometric sensor or transponder chip that can be used. From there, the watches rise up effortlessly like a magic trick. On top of the safe, you’ll notice that there’s a B&Z Flying Minute Tourbillon Clock. The Illusion model has the same idea, but in a smaller size. If you’re looking for just a watch winder, there’s the Spirit Chiron watch winder for either four or eight watches. You can learn more about these new pieces by visiting Buben&Zorweg’s website.

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By: Edward Jones
Title: Bugatti and Buben&Zorweg Watch Safes Honor the Chiron Hypercar
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Published Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 14:07:16 +0000