A lot has happened recently in the world of gaming, more specifically on the Microsoft side. After the new Xbox Series S was leaked, Microsoft has gone ahead and revealed the system in its entirety. This next-gen console comes into the world as a digital-only console, meaning there’s no disc-tray to be found. Seeing as most gamers are opting for digital downloads, this shouldn’t be a problem for many. While it may use the same custom NVMe SSD storage, visual tech and Spatial Sound audio systems like the Xbox Series X, there are some cutbacks made. It runs on a CPU that’s similar to the Xbox Series X, but this pint-sized console will support 1440p at up to 120 fps. The Series X, on the other hand, is capable of displaying its games at 4K. Also, storage for the Series S is held at 512 GB instead of 1TB. Expansion ports do allow for this 512 GB of storage to be upgraded via Seagate Storage Expansions Cards.

So, how much will it cost you to upgrade to the next generation of Xbox consoles? We finally have that answer. The Xbox Series S will come with a price tag of $299 while the Series X will cost $499. What’s more, we’ve now learned that these consoles will be launching on November 10, 2020. Launching both of these consoles was a great move by Xbox as it gives buyers options. Do you have a big 4K TV you want to game on? Are you planning on purchasing a 4K TV? Do you want the best of the best? Grab a Series X. Are you limited in space? Only worried about frames-per-second? Don’t bother with 4K TVs? Think discs are so last-generation? Grab a Series S. Pre-orders for these consols start on September 22.

And if it couldn’t get any better, Xbox has also just announced that EA Play will be coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this Holiday season at no additional cost. That means you’ll gain immediate access to a massive library of games that include the likes of Need For Speed Heat, Fifa 20, Madden 20, Burnout Paradise, Battlefield V and more. That’s on top of the game you get from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That’s a sweet deal.

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By: Edward Jones
Title: Xbox Series X and S Price and Release Date Revealed
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