The Chinese car market is the largest in the world and has been for many years. Every year tens of millions of cars are manufactured in China and most of them are not exported to outside markets. Even non-Chinese car manufacturers manufacture cars in China, which are not exported elsewhere.

Although China once had a reputation for cloning European and American cars, that has all changed. Some cars made in China re actually better than European or American models, but sadly some are not. Here is a list of cool Chinese cars that should be sold in North America and some which should never be exported because they’re awful.

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10 Wish They Sold Here: Lynk&Co 01


The Lynk&Co 01 is the child of Swedish Volvo and Chinese Geely. The 01 takes its underpinnings, electronic components, and engine from the Volvo XC40. The 01 is a very stylish SUV that will be offered in hybrid or EV form and looks to be a key rival to the likes of the BMW X1 or Mercedes GLA. This car even has a new way of purchasing which is through subscription.

Lynk&Co will be offering the 01 to some European countries, but not to America which is quite sad considering this car does pack in a lot of good technology. There are also manual options available, to add to the driving experience. The Volvo derived engines are seen in the XC40 and XC90 models, so they are quite good. The 01 is far better than some of the cars on sale today made by US, European, and Japanese car companies.

9 Garbage: Hongqi L5

via: car.info

The Hongqi L5 is absolute garbage. It costs 5 million Yuan ($760,000) making it the most expensive car in China. A Rolls-Royce Phantom starts at $550,000 (which is the equivalent of these 15 second-hand cars).

A Phantom is the pinnacle of luxury cars, it’s faster than an L5, better built, and uses air suspension. The L5 may use exotic materials but in comparison, it’s from the Stone Age. Also, the L5 doesn’t even look that special, sure it has retro looks, but they are nowhere near as intimidating as a Rolls-Royce or Bentley Mulsanne.

Hongqi also means a red flag, the symbol of communism which is probably one reason it won’t be imported into the USA since the USA has always been anti-communism. It is though ironic for a car to be named after communism when it costs the same price as a normal family home.

8 Wish They Sold Here: VW Phideon

via: autocar.co.uk

The VW Phideon is the successor of the highly unsuccessful Phaeton. The Phideon is manufactured by SAIC VW (China VW) and isn’t exported outside of China. VW did well with the Phaeton in China and decided to keep their luxury vehicles there rather than exporting them out. Like the Phaeton, the Phideon would probably be another flop in

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By: Arran Mehtam
Title: 5 Cool Chinese Cars We Wish They Sold Here (5 That Are Just Garbage)
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