As more of the world industrializes over time, the global markets will continue to overflow with all different kinds of products. For example groceries, cell phones, and larger objects like automobiles. As you can see, there are a lot more carmakers out there today; much more so than decades prior.

Because of this, a brand/company that cannot swim will, ultimately, sink. We see it happen all the time. Famous instances like DeLorean and Pontiac are preciously what we’re talking about. Though, to be more specific, we’re interested in a lesser-known manufacturer (at least, less-known in 2020): Studebaker.

Anyone under the age of 20 (and beyond) is probably scratching their head right now thinking, “Studebaker? Never heard of ’em.” Sadly, too few people remember the once-great luxury car producer since its unfortunate end.

Almost everybody loves a good underdog story, especially from those with humble beginnings. If that’s your type, then Studebaker is the brand for you (or was)! With roots stretching farther back than the American Civil War, the Studebaker family has made a huge impact on American history, greatest of which being their automobiles.

Though, before they made cars, the Studebaker family were blacksmiths and couch-makers. After being persuaded by his son-in-law to make “a practical horseless carriage,” John M. Studebaker started what we would come to know as the now defunct Studebaker corp.

As you can see in the photo above, their early cars were very similar to the status-quo at the time. After all, there was hardly much to differentiate them, anyways. As the old Henry Ford quote goes, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”

Though, that would not remain that way forever. Studebaker wouldn’t be the same, boring type of car as all the others were. No, they’d make some very unique vehicles, indeed.

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Like we stated above, Studebaker wouldn’t conform for long. Though, the company needed to grow before that could happen. And, just as things were really beginning to pick up, the 1930’s economic depression hit, which was later followed by the second World War. For Studebaker (as well as any other upcoming manufacturer at the time), it was setback after setback for a bit.

However, once the proverbial storm had cleared, Studebaker began to make even bigger waves in the automotive community. One of the coolest instances of what we’re on about is the Studebaker Champion; pictured above. The small profile, bubbly figure, rounded (yet, still sharp)

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By: James Jacobs
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