Harley-Davidson, the most famous motorcycle manufacturer in the world, was founded in 1903 by William Harley and his childhood friend Arthur Davidson in Milwaukee. While the first vehicle they created was more of a motorized bicycle than a traditional motorbike, it was only a few years before Harley-Davidson had started to develop their own signature style.

Motorcycles built by Harley-Davidson have become part of popular culture, but they are far from the only motorbike manufacturers in the States. Bikers should challenge themselves and try out some of the magnificent models created by Harley-Davidson’s rivals.

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10 Victory 8-Ball

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Unlike Harley-Davidson, who has enjoyed a long and successful history, Iowa-based Victory Motorcycles was only established in 1999, and by 2017 the company had gone out of business after they had failed in their bid to become a major player in the US motorcycle market.

However, you can still pick up second-hand Victory models, and the highlight of their collection was the 8-Ball versions of the Hammer, Vegas, Kingpin, Vision, and Cross Country motorcycles. The Victory 8-Ball cruisers are stripped back versions of the bikes with lower seats, making them much more appealing to serious riders.

9 Indian FTR 1200

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The Indian Motorcycle Company is one of only two American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression in the 1930s – the other being Harley-Davidson. While the Indian Motorcycle Company ceased to be independent in 1953 it still exists as a popular brand, currently owned by Polaris Industries who were the “brains” behind Victory Motorcycles.

One of the most stylish modern Indian motorbikes is the Indian FTR 1200, a street motorcycle that was inspired by the Indian FTR750, a competition-only dirt bike that won the Manufacturer’s Championship in American Flat Track racing in 2017 and 2018.

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8 Erik Buell Racing 1190RS

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Motorcycle racer Erik Buell is the man behind both the Buell Motorcycle Company and Erik Buell Racing, and he used his expertise to create some impressive motorbikes since making his move into designing and manufacturing motorcycles in 1983.

Erik Buell Racing was founded much later in 2009 and sadly only survived for six years before going out of business. Before they folded, the company did get to unveil the impressive Erik Buell Racing 1190RS sportbike, a limited edition sports bike with a top speed of over 180mph.

7 Zero SR

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Car manufacturers aren’t the only companies who are embracing the new technology that allows them to create electric vehicles. Harley-Davidson has launched its own battery-powered

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