The first FWD cars were evil handling in corners and tended to spin out under power. As time went by, things got better with handling and braking on economy cars which were mostly front-wheel-drive.

Eventually, handling got as good as traction in slippery conditions. That made FWD likeable and the weight savings and higher-level of traction became a benefit to ordinary car buyers. Now there are front-wheel-drive cars that are as good as sports cars in terms of handling.

10 Saab 9-5, 4-Cylinder Turbo FWD

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Unfortunately, this car came out right before the company quit making cars. There was a 300hp V6 AWD option, but we are talking about the lower level FWD model. This car really showed Saab’s full development and it looked as much like an aircraft inside as a car.

Saab had been building FWD cars almost as long as it had been building cars. The 9-5 was its most developed model and as a family sedan it really worked out well. Saab built every car in the last 40 years as a sports-sedan, and this one didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately with such a short run of production, these cars are rare.

9 Cadillac Catera

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This was a rather heavy sports sedan and it only made 200 H.P. from its V6, but they advertised how well the car handled, and it did. This car was actually made as the Opel Omega in Germany and that is why it handled so well.

The car shared a lot of the components with other GM performance models that were known for handling. Unfortunately due to the lack of power and the fact that the car did not look like a Cadillac, it didn’t sell well.

8 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works 2DR

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This is a tuner version of the regular coupe and it has the optional twin-turbo 4-cylinder and larger brakes. While 228 H.P. pushing 3,000LBS is fast, there are faster cars, but the handling and braking are what this car is about. It comes with paddle shifters to really throw the thing around. It comes with cross-drilled brake rotors as standard when you order the John Cooper Works upgrade.

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Of course the optional aero-trim package comes standard on the “Works” model as well. You could also get this in a longer sedan or a convertible, but the extra weight would cause a slight loss in handling. Dampening adjustment is standard on this model.

7 BMW 235 Gran Coupe

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This is a relatively new FWD sport sedan with a turbocharged I6 rated at between 230-320hp depending on trim. BMW didn’t feel comfortable going to FWD until they could match or better the handling of their rear-wheel-drive models. They have achieved that.

The car shares the suspension and underpinnings with the larger Mini Cooper models. The car has an

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