For those of you who didn’t know it, NIO is China’s version of Tesla, never mind the Tesla factory in China. But there is a major difference in how NIO and Tesla do things.

Tesla is run, majorly, by the flamboyant Elon Musk, who has varied interests in space as well as actresses and making as many children as possible, considering he just had his sixth child (technically seventh, as his firstborn passed away). NIO is run by William Li and has investments from many Chinese companies, including Lenovo, and the Chinese government.

While NIO wants to make it big in the US, Tesla has Chinese ambitions, though in the current cold war and political blustering between the US and China because of the Coronavirus spread, things seem to be in flux right now.

For now, here’s what we do know about these two companies, and how they do things, differently.

5 Price Variations: NIO’s SUV Is Cheaper But The Coupe Is Dearer

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NIO was launched in 2014 and it currently has three models, with the fourth one supposed to be out 2020 end. Unlike Tesla’s ‘SEXY’ quartet, NIO has not named its models attractively for they involve just numbers and alphabets.

One of the major “clashes” between Tesla and NIO comes with the SUV models. For NIO, the ES8 is a full-size SUV launched in 2018. For Tesla, its the Model X, the mid-size SUV with falcon-wing doors, with prices starting at $79,000. In China though, the ES8 is priced at nearly half of the Tesla Model X, the former being priced at 448,000 yuan ($67,783) in the as opposed to the rather exorbitant price of the Model X at 836,000 yuan.

Another major price difference is between the coupes from both the companies. The EP9 is the oldest model from NIO and was launched in 2016, and its a two-door sports coupe. Each EP9 costs $1.2 million to make so prices are likely to be astronomical.

On the other hand, Tesla is revisiting the Roadster in 2020, and prices begin at $200,000. The Tesla Roadster is what kickstarted Tesla back in 2008, so having it come back in its most powerful avatar ever is key for Tesla fans.

While the Roadster is the most advanced of Tesla in technology, range, and speed; the NIO EP9 broke speed records at Nürburgring and is a self-driving electric supercar. Only, for now, it’s all on paper and in China.

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4 Model Lineup: NIO Needs To Add Variation To Its Lineup

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Nio’s other model is the ES6, a midsize SUV that costs approximately $52,000. The next car in the offing by NIO is the EC6, and it’s supposed to roll out by the end of 2020, with prices still under wraps. It’s another midsize SUV so might come cheaper than the ES6.

Tesla, meanwhile, has had a lot more time. It was founded in 2003 and the first car to come from its

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