Porsche’s EV revolution has begun, as the Taycan hits the streets across the globe and delivers massive performance—at a massive price tag. Following early teasers and rumors about a “Mission E” and statistics that boggled the mind, the Taycan has nonetheless impressed with drag-strip domination and top speed runs both documented extensively in the short time since the model’s debut. And now, Porsche has allowed the filming of a documentary inside the Taycan’s manufacturing facility at Zuffenhausen, giving fans an in-depth view into the car that will (hopefully) propel one of the world’s most enigmatic automakers into the future.

Available to view now for free on YouTube, the film was organized by WELT Documentary. It’s a bit dry and technical, with none of the concomitant tweeting and drama that might surround a doc about Tesla’s rival factories in Fremont, where Elon Musk has earned plenty of media coverage thanks to lockdown refusals, overnight stays, and building an enormous tent because a walled factory is so 20th-century.

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Just like any other manufacturer short of legit supercar builders like McLaren, Bugatti, and Koenigsegg, Porsche’s Taycan factory is largely automated. And, in fact, much of the documentary focuses on the factory-within-a-factory element of the three-story facility, where all the robots that built the Taycan are also built.

Only about 300 humans show up to this Zuffenhausen address every day, where they’ll contribute to installing (then removing) body panels and doors—and, of course, keeping an eye on the robots. The result is a clear look at the facility where the new Taycan takes shape, so it’s fun to watch the styling (like a futuristic Panamera, honestly) of the car emerge around the early mechanical layout.

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By: Torstein Salvesen
Title: New Porsche Documentary Gives Look Inside Taycan Assembly Line
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Published Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2020 14:00:44 GMT